Create Ur Beats is a new music production program that aims to engage with young people

      Using industry standard music production software to build complete tracks from scratch, everything from the genre to the                  content of the music is determined by you. You don’t have to be able to sing or be trained in an instrument just be willing
      to get involved.
'It's all about your music'

      Our links with industry professionals working in Radio, Film as well as DJs provides a platform for local emerging talent.
      We can also help you with your digital promotion via
forums such as Youtube, Soundcloud etc. It's also your chance to
      perform on the stage in the up-coming 'Homegrown Music Talent Showcase' later this year right here in North Wales!
      Fresh Local Music Talent!

Check out our other services and see how we can help to promote you in your creative pursuits.

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